Hi everyone,

How has Sandy treated you? I hope you all are doing well. Over here it was super windy, and then it got quite warm (and I lugged my coat to school…) but it dropped very quickly. So the weather has not been quite regular. Talking about irregular… What do you do when you’re hair is not normal? Especially when the oil count isn’t. Call it a bad hair day. Whatever, it really doesn’t matter. Point is: what to do? So here goes:

Powder up. Yup, you heard me. Powder. Baby powder, in fact. Listen, the fact that you’re a bit older than the kids in C.P.E. (preschool for those non-Quebec’ers) doesn’t take away from the fact that this works. Believe me, it sure does. All you got to do is tap some on your head, brush it out and go. (If your hair stays white, you can spritz some water and you’ll get back your hair color. Or, you can powder up your hair at night, and then wash it out in your shower the next morning. That’s probably the best way to do it ‘cuz you’re letting the powder sit and take in all that oil. Make sure it’s all out, we don’t want anyone thinking you’re a grandma already.)

Put the brush away. I bet you never thought you’d here this from me. But, guess what, you are. Seriously, the 100 strokes a night will do you no good. Sure, you’ll be knot-free but with the price of having spread oil around your head (in addition to having pulled out all your hair:)). Totally not worth it. My advice? Keep that brush at arm’s length and use it sparingly. (Well, we do want you to look normal.)

Wash. Wash. Wash. I think you got the hint. Wash your hair often. Keep it clean to clear the oil. Pretty simple, no?

Stay bang-free. Honestly, bangs are the last thing you need. It will give you nothing but trouble. The oil from the bangs will go onto your forehead and create… pimples! So, sure, they’re cute – but are they worth the zits?

Condition not! Stay clear of all conditioners or shampoos for dry and damaged hair because all that is meant to do is add moisture to dry hair and you have a surplus of those oils (yes, those oils are great and necessary – in moderation). So you want to look for shampoos for oily hair. Which is tough, since the aisles are so full of ‘for dry and damaged hair’ shampoos, you’d think you’re the only one with that problem! (Which you aren’t.) But there are some brands who make some great shampoos and treatments out there such as L’Oreal Paris (make sure it’s the green kind) or Neutrogena Anti-Residue. Try not to use the same shampoo too often so your hair doesn’t get too used to it. And whenever you shower, wash your hair twice letting the shampoo sit each time.

Keep beautiful!


PS. We’ve just started “Production”. It’s going to be great! I’m an Egyptian hair stylist. Guess that makes sense, huh?