Hello, hello! Welcome to the world, ummm… For now, we call him baby, peanut, squishy, (don’t ask) Motti (by accident), Little Guy, Honey, Cutie, the list goes on…because we wait 8 days for the baby to get a name and be circumcised. After that, all our goofy names  go down the drain. So, for this photo shoot, I took a few couch cushions, a Boppy nursing pillow,  a blue blanket, a few hats, and a white backdrop. I think I can say these are the best newborn shots I’ve ever done, and I’m so excited about them! :) The best time of day to take shots of any kids would be between 10, 11, and 12. Afternoons are also ok, because the sun gets very strong after that. You want to aim for when the sun is gently touching upon your subject, nothing to make him/her squint. Another great, creative, and DIY (do it yourself) way is to go near the biggest window in your house and use natural light! No fancy light equipment used for these photos, just some natural light and creativity. I spent $0 on the whole photo shoot, just using fun things I found around the house. First photo: I used the Boppy, covered it in a blue fuzzy blanket (super comfortable and safe for babies, any soft blanket will work, as long as it isn’t puffed up or too hairy/fuzzy, babies don’t like that in their face) and piled up couch cushions under the Boppy. In back of the Boppy, I placed a white cardboard backdrop, which I use a lot for different backdrop-needed pictures. It’s a perfect go-to backdrop if you’re looking for an easy, portable, and cheap way to look more professional! Second photo: a green checkered linen basket, pillow added under for support and comfort. Not sure it’s the best idea for the baby, make sure to be super careful with the head, etc. Third and fourth photo both used my original props. Of course, Picasa photo editor helped me out a lot with all the baby’s scratches and boo-boos. Besides that, it’s all straight from the camera.


FOTW: It depends on the baby, but most babies start smiling until 4-5 weeks. Say cheese!