This week, I was going to include “אני חתול” (“I Am a Cat”), but my brother wouldn’t let me. I guess it’s his choice since he wrote it, but it was a good story. I’ll try to convince him, but in the meantime, I’ll tell you about what I want to do in Israel once I grow up. This is my whole job plan, but it will probably change in a few years, or it might not even happen:

It will be a tzedaka (charity) organization where I will perform harp and violin about twice a week, and for the rest of the week I will compose music and practice, and on the side I will do my editing job, for which I’ll advertise there.

Oh, and speaking of composing, I am composing a song for a contest by the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Harp Society (AHS-LA), of which I’m a member. It’s supposed to be about Los Angeles, so I chose the landmark of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I’ve been there twice. My song will be about the garden, which is very pretty. It’s not due until May 5th, but I only have the first two lines and it’s supposed to be about 5 minutes (that’s about 4-5 pages!). I’ll have to work on it more during winter vacation, which starts this Friday.

Since it is 10 PM right now, I think I’ll conclude this post and go to bed, since I want to get up at 5:40.

Good night (for me and you if you’re reading it at night)!