It’s definitely not the first time I’m in NYC in less than a month! :) I’m a regular here by now.

Pictured above is happy little Motti standing beside the Dreidel, (bigger than life sized Dreidel, or a top) which is on Eastern Parkway.

It’s a popular attraction for little (and big) kids. In the first picture, I attempted to be at the frozen lake at sundown, but to my great disappointment, I missed the time that the sun sets!

Oh well. I guess I’ll try again next time. Next to the next photo, I was on the long car ride to NYC, so I snapped a picture of a chimney billowing smoke into the sky.

For this picture, the sun was right behind the smoke so it gave it a hazy but awesome effect. Then, for the third picture, I decided to get artsy and found this rickety-looking building/bridge next to the Ari Memorial Ramp.

For the last- that one went along with my “sunset” photo, too :) The street light bounced off the ice puddles, and I thought that looked beautiful. Especially since you can see the reflection of the tree’s branches.