As I walked down my street I saw this warm inviting glow from my neighbor’s window. I went up to their door and knocked. I heard a small voice inside.
“Ima! The Shabbat Queen Has come! I must let her in!”
And just like that the door swung open just to see a young girl age ranging between 6 and 8 years old.
“Oh. Hello. Can I help you in a way that I’m not breaking Shabbos?” The little girl said to me almost sounding disappointed.
“Esther! Who was it?” Said a young woman as she rounded the corner.
“Oh. Is this a bad time? I was wondering if I could stay with you for Shabbos dinner?” I asked. I knew that it was the only thing I wanted to do.
“Of course! Any guest is better than none at all!” The young lady answered with an inviting smile.
I will never forget that Friday night for the rest of the of my life. All the dancing and singing. And of course ALL the kugel!

Orly Tunkel, Age 10
Anchorage, Alaska