Dovid Ben Yishai, the name reverberates in our minds. “Behind every great man stands a great mother”, therefore who was his mother? Who was the woman who imbued him with  so much from the time of the womb?

That woman, that Eishes Chayil, was Nitzeves Bas Ada’el.

Source: Bava Basra 91

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Although all our nashim Tzidkaniyos (righteous women) and imohas (foremothers) were pretty, (external beauty reflects internal), the Tanach specifically mentioned four women for their beauty. What were their names?

Musings: What a great mother. What is one strength or charecter trait you admire in your mother? With Mother’s Day around the corner, what are you going to do for her? If you have everyday as Mother’s Day, what do you do often to let her know how thankful you are?

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