What do you think would be the coolest ice cream sundae?


Can’t believe that Pesach is over…I’m one of those ppl who doesnt spend all Pesach craving chometz, I love matzah! It’s a good thing, because I dont even want to think about how packed the pizza stores and our local kosher Dunkin Donuts are going to be…

Now that Pesach is over, we’re really moving ahead with some things here at Yaldah, (I’ve heard–and said– ‘after Pesach’ a LOT of times, so now we have a lot to do). So right now, I’m going to tell you a little about a new feature that I’m really excited for. The feature was announced in the weekly newsletter 2 weeks ago (if u dont get the weekly newsletter, make sure to sign up), but I’m going 2 explain it a little bit abt it.

For this feature, we are looking for submissions of pictures that fit under a certain topic. For example, for the feature’s debut (coming out in the yaldah in june, imy”H), the topic is COOL ICE CREAM SUNDAES. We want your photographs or illustrations of the COOLEST ICE CREAM SUNDAE. Your pictures can be wacky, cute, funny, sweet, pretty… be as creative as you want!

I really look forward to seeing your submissions in Yaldah. This issue is coming out soon (June), so make sure to get in thiose submissions. Dont forget that we always want submissions for our other features too!

Email submit@yaldah.com



P.S. What’s the first chometz food you’re going to eat?