Types of Exercise:
There are so many different forms of exercise, there is probably something out there that is perfect for your fitness needs. As long as it’s physical movement that makes your muscles feel tired and gets you out of breath, it counts as exercise.

~ Stretching or yoga
~ Calisthenics, strengthening
~ Cardio; running, biking, walking
~ Dance, Tai Chi, martial arts

Getting Off the Couch and Staying Off the Couch:
Ten minutes will go by, whatever you do, so why not exercise?
A workout can be quick and hard but not quick and easy.
Ignore or converse with the voice in your head, and exercise at the same time, whatever works for you.
Make a plan, such as 5 minutes 5 days a week. Don’t let one missed day, or two, or three, mess up your entire plan.
You are not too old to start working out.
Fitness success takes patience and time – lots and lots.
Find exercises in your everyday activities.

Healthy Eating:
Remember the food – fitness cycle; healthy food makes you want to exercise and exercise makes you want healthy food like protein bar.
Is the unhealthy option really that much better tasting than the healthy option?
Choose less processed food – vegetables you can see rather than Bambas from a bag.
Sit down to eat.


You don’t have to be great to start – you have to start to be great.
Pain is weakness leaving the body.
What seems hard now will one day be your warm-up.