At the end of the story of Korach, the posuk says”And there shall no more be like Korach and his congregation” [Bamidbar 17:5]. This pasuk is a Biblical prophecy: Never again will there be a dispute comparable to that of Korach and his followers. Why is that? Because in Korach’s machlokes, one side was 100% right, and one side was 100% wrong.

Here the Torah is saying that never in the future will there be an argument where it is so obvious that one is all in the right and the other is all in the wrong. Okay, so you may be 95% right, but that is almost right – isn’t it? Yes it may be – but you still need to apologies even for that miniscule 5% that you are in the wrong for. Because even if what the other person did was inappropriate, you probably said it off with an action or word in the first place.

Next Weeks Question: When Moshiach IY’H comes, Eliyahu Hanavi will return three bottles. What is in each bottle?

P.S. I heard this vort about Korach and Moshe at last Year’s Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation’s Tish B’av Event video, which they show worldwide (including in various shuls in South Africa, like mine.)