In most places it is just starting or is already cold and for some of us that means dry skin and chapped lips. For me I have had horrible dry, cracked lips but this one product does the trick. The product is called Neosporin Lip health, overnight Renewal Therapy. It’s supposed to restore visibly healthy lips in 3 days  and repair and nourish as you sleep.



When I used this product it was during the day, but as long as you are not in direct sunlight, such as at the water park or at the beach, you’ll be fine. Within 30 minutes of using it, my lips were somewhat healed. After one day, they were smooth and repaired. After the first day my lips were healthy again. Unlike most beauty products this stays true to its claim, however if you stop using it your lips may become chapped again. I would rate this product:

5 stars

Good luck this winter and have a great day! :)