Nefesh B’Nefesh (abbreviated as NBN) is a great resource for people thinking about making aliyah. It gives you all the information you would need to know, and even has a flight program: in the summer months of July and August they have charter flights with a welcoming ceremony that can be viewed online.

It has a treasure trove of information in its “Aliyahpedia,” including information about schools, ulpan (Hebrew-language instruction), Aliyah benefits, army, and sherut leumi (national service for young women who decide not to serve in the army). If you have Bat Ami (young women who come to your school who have fun classes with activities) as I have in my school, then they are doing sherut leumi.


(Tamar, one of our bat ami from last year)

In the school information on NBN, there is an estimate of the percentage of English speakers, which can be very helpful to know. For example, two of the schools we are thinking about for me are Chorev (40% English speakers) and Beit Shulamit (50% percent English speakers). This can be a major tipping point, because on one hand, Chorev is known for its high level of academics, but it’s possible that the intensity of that kind of program might be overwhelming for an olah (female immigrant). On the other hand, Beit Shulamit has other assets. However, we are leaning toward Chorev.

Chanukah Sameach (happy Chanukah)!

Next week – Sherut Leumi and Bagrut testing