You need:
An A3 white (or any colour) cardboard.
A light solid color napkin (it is better without patterns)
Glue stick

1.      Fold the A3 sheet in half & cut it out. You will use the other half later
2.      First draw a small shape of your chose (e.g. we did flowers for shavuos) & cut it out.
3.      Use the shape you drew as a stencil & draw how many shapes you need on HALF of the A3 board. DON探 CUT IT OUT YET!
4.      Take a napkin & separate its layers into 2. (be very careful)
5.      Paste the napkin on the BACK of the board (the side without the drawings). USE LOTS OF GLUE!
6.      Turn it over & carefully cut out the shapes on the line.
7.      Using the other half of the board, cut out strips the length it takes to go around the napkin.
8.      Using the strips staple it in a circle with your shape on the place where the two ends join.

You now have napkin holders, fold the napkin & place in you new folder.