Hi! This is the kitchen:

as you can tell, the fleishig (meat) side is on the right, and the milchig (dairy) side is on the left.

I chose a blue and gray color scheme, as you can see.

The door is right inside the kitchen, leading to the next room, which is the dining room.

On the milchig counter, there is a vase of flowers  that freshens up the room.

To the right of the fleishig counter and to the left of the milchig stove are sinks. sorry, I wasn’t able to fit them into the picture.

near the fleishig sink is a candy jar for the kids of course, who else? :)


next post, i’ll iy’h do the color scheme for the girls bedroom-that is, the wallpaper etc., and the next post, i’ll do the furniture.

good shabbos!