The following is my experience of being bullied:

It was in the third grade. It was the first day of school. After school I went to volleyball practice. There was a new girl who was a year ahead of me, who was friends with my best friend. My other friend had already become friends with her and introduced me to her. We became friends. A  month later I went to her house with some of my other friends. We were chatting with each other but only saying “It was me” because we were on my email. She just got back from Disneyworld, and said she got presents for all three of us. My friend told me to ask what she got for them. So I did. She said, “Can I trust you not to tell?”  I really didn’t want to know, but the girl pushed me out of the seat and typed yes. So my friend told me. After that, that “friend” that pushed me was really mean to me. Then I hung out with the boys and didn’t talk to my friends that were girls for a long time. Then she started being mean to my friend that got her a present. Then my friend that she was nice to, was mean to us. So the two of us hung out again. We realized we were being used for volleyball so that girl would have someone to pass with. She was rude. But then the other girl that was friends left our school. To this day that girl is still rude to us, she gives us glares. Anyway the important thing is to always be careful who you choose to be friends with because it’s hard to tell who’s real and who isn’t. Remember: the not perfect girl is real; the perfect one is a fake.


Thank you Rivkah for your submission!