Dedicated to Jesse Galganov (Chaim Yosef ben Aliza) with a prayer from the heart…


Hashem, Ribono Shel Olam…  Your children cry to you from konphot ha’aretz, the corners of the earth, and we’re united in agony and bated breath, praying to you from the depths of our heart.

Please Hashem, let our tefillos not come before you too late; we pray that this not be a prayer in vain…

Please save and protect Chaim Yosef ben Aliza from all danger, harm, distress and misfortune.  Please be by his side, his faith and strength, no matter where he is.  Just as you protected Sarah Imeinu in the decadent palaces of Paroh and Avimelech, please bring forth her grandchild, Your child, Hashem, from this disaster untouched.

Please instill Chizuk and Emunah within Chaim Yosef, his family, and all the brave people who are searching for him.  Hashem, everything we may try, and every step of our search, is futile without Your blessing and intervention.  When Hagar had practically given up on her child Yishmael, who was in mortal danger in his illness and thirst, you heeded the lad’s call, and opened Hagar’s eyes to what was always present before her:  Your life-sustaining waters, the cure and salvation.  “Vayifkach Elokim et-aineyha vateireh b’eir mayim… – Then G-d opened her eyes and she perceived a well of water…” {Bereishis 21:19}.  Please G-d, may You make such a miracle for us; open our eyes to Your kindness and salvation!  Show us the way, and sustain our beloved Jewish brother, even if he is walking in the “valley of the shadow…”

Please protect and save Chaim Yosef ben Aliza.  He, like every Jewish child, was named with a degree of nevua (prophecy), as we are taught…  Chaim Yosef ben Aliza:  Chaim, Hashem, for the beautiful path of life You have set before him, in all its practically infinite possibility and opportunity.  Please do not take this away, and sustain and strengthen him to traverse the path of life that You’ve laid before him, in all its chapters, its highlights and rough-spots…  Yosef, Hashem, as You released Yosef haTzadik from the prison.  Please Hashem, redeem him from whatever confinement he may be in!   “Baruch Atah Hashem… matir asurim – Blessed are You, Hashem… Who releases the bound.”  Ben Aliza, Hashem, for we plead with You that he comes forth from this in light and life, and that he become the son of our joy, the heart of our joyful laughter and cries of gratitude to you!

In times of danger, Hashem, the Satan always accuses…  Please, may Your Divine Rachmanus override any other force.  Forgive, please, and cleanse us of any of  aveiros or shortcomings that might incline You to decree dark or bitterness for Your people.  Please help us to acknowledge where we must grow and improve, guide us to do so, for we can only do it with Your assistance, to grow ourselves, and make ourselves worthy of Your salvation.

Although we are as nothing before You Hashem, please, bring us over the threshold, the final hill, to Redemption.  Hashem, the suffering and pain is becoming far too great…  How much more can we survive?  Please, bring us into the Ultimate Geulah!  Reunite us with all our loved ones, and draw us close, Your children, to You.

May the cries, tears, prayers, efforts make their mark before Your Heavenly Throne.  “Avinu Malkeinu, kabeil b’rachamim uv’ratzon es tefilaseinu – Our Father, Our King, accept- with compassion and favor- our prayer.”

“So may it be His will, and let us say Amein.”

Jesse (Chaim Yosef) Galganov, with his mother Alisa (Aliza) Clamen