In my neighborhood live many Iraqi refugees who struggle to support their families. This year, my mother was a hero to two of these families. One of the families had just had a baby girl but did not have a crib for her to rest in. So, my Mom fundraised with her college students and bought the baby a brand-new crib! After getting the crib for the baby, my mother proceeded to furnish the family’s entire apartment which had originally looked like a depressing empty box. Now, their home has functional furniture and is decorated with beautiful art pieces–all thanks to my Mom! The mother of the family was so appreciative of my mother’s help that she requested a Magen David for their home. My Mom ordered one from Israel, and the family hung it proudly in their living room even though they are not Jewish.

The other family my mother helped lives in a one bedroom apartment (for four people). As one can imagine, their space is very limited. The family has two little boys who desperately needed more room to play in, so my Mom found them a new apartment and moving companies that pack for you to help with their move.

For my Mom, Shoshana, Tikkun Olam is not simply an ideal, it is something she tries to practice everyday in her life. As the Torah says, “Action speaks louder than words.” My mother has tirelessly helped these two families because her philosophy is: “If one mother just lifted up another mother’s burden, the world would be a better place.” I agree Mom!

My mother inspires me everyday with her creativity, hard work, and most importantly, her kindness. I only hope that I can one day be as admirable as my mother.

Thanks for reading!
Sarah Dennis