Hey everyone! Welcome to Sara Chana’s Fashion Finds! This being my first post, I’m not gonna give you guys outfits and such. Instead, I’d  like to go over the trends we have this spring, how to wear them, ect. Then next week we’ll start on the outfits, stores, all that. So for Spring 2013 we have these awesome trends.

  1. Polka dots. Mostly black and white, and then you can add colorful jewlry or shoes.
  2. Floral prints will never be out of style for spring.
  3. Metallics. A sparkly sweater will fit the bill, or any kind of jewlrey or skirt.
  4. Stripes. Such as a shirt, or in a small amount. This is a daring look!
  5. Pastels, candy colors, and bright clothes. Try these with a demim skirt!

So here you go! If you already have some of these clothes in your wardrobe, great! If not, you will soon see some here. But I’ll include any clothes, and if you want to see something here, don’t hesitate to ask! So I hope you enjoy this blog, and have a fun, fashionable spring!

Sara :)