When I was three years old, I started lighting Shabbos candles because the Rebbe said that this was a special mitzvah for Jewish girls to bring kedusha (holiness) to the world.

I loved Shabbos so much when I was little that I used to cry when Shabbos was coming to an end because I knew I would have to wait a whole week for Shabbos to come again. I also got really excited every Friday because I knew later that evening I would be able to bring Kedusha when I lit my candle, and have so much Shabbos left to spend with my family.

My very own Shabbos candle was given to me by my Bubby from South Africa. I love it because it is one of a kind. It doesn’t match my mommy’s candles or look like my older sister’s candlestick either. It has pretty silver designs and is nice and tall. I am grateful that it is so beautiful.

To this day, I get so excited when we polish the candlesticks. I feel a special connection to Shabbos because Shabbos is the seventh (sheva) day of the week and my name, Elisheva has the word sheva, in it. I still look forward to Shabbos, but don’t cry when it ends anymore. Unlike holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Purim, Shabbos is always just a week away. For seven years I have been enjoying and beautifying the mitzvah of lighting Shabbos candles and look forward to watching my flames flicker and grow each week.


— Elisheva Trapedo, Age 10
Teaneck New Jersey School
New Jersey, USA