When I walk home from school, I have 15 minutes or so to myself to think. So of course, my thoughts often waver to the matter of aliyah. I enjoy thinking very much, and I often make up conversations I possibly would have when I’m there in Hebrew. Of course, my vocabulary is limited, so it turns out that the Israeli I happen to be “speaking” to also has a limited vocabulary. And no accent.

Speaking of vocabulary, I’ve decided to start including Hebrew words of the week at the ends of my post. Comment if you knew them already!

On a completely different subject, this Friday and Shabbos, it finally rained here in Los Angeles! I bet you East Coasters and everyone else who lives where it rains a lot would consider it light, but it was pretty heavy, at least to my limited knowledge of rain. Apparently we’re still not out of the drought, but it seems like the rain is going to keep coming, at least for a bit. I love rain, so it’s awesome! My family has a joke that if we buy rain boots or a coat or an umbrella, the rain will stop before we get a chance to use them.

From what I hear, Israel has very diverse weather in that it snows every few years, rains a bit, and also gets sunshine so it gets a bit of everything.

In a week, I’m going to go to a competition (apparently, I’m the only harp). I’m really nervous and really excited – it’s my first competition! I’ll tell you the results when I get them! The top three winners get to play in the concert.

This year is our first year with a theme for mishloach manos (food baskets for Purim), and the theme was originally “medicine” or “doctor” or something like that, but I figure that, as it has no actual medicine in it and mostly consists of candy, it is more like a “go-to-the-doctor-or-dentist” theme, since all that sugar will probably give you a cavity.

HWOTW (Hebrew Word of the Week): אוצר מילים (oh-tzer mee-lim) – vocabulary