Music Moves #2! The Song in My Heart by Susan

“May you discover the gift of giving and find your peace of mind, know that you are never alone G-d is by your side….”

I am delighted that Nechama asked me to send this Rosh HaShanah message to our JGU family-if you are receiving this message, you are our family!

As Rosh HaShanah approaches, we are offered the opportunity to renew. In class this week we helped our Jewish girls understand the opportunity to use time in Synagogue to reflect deeply and personally and to listen to what comes up from within. We taught them, that it is the soul speaking to you from your own depths; and, that there is light there. For every person.

For some, that light may be dimmed, covered by layers of darkness, but it exists nonetheless.

One of the ways we can lift some of the veils of darkness is through music. At JGU, we use music in every lesson and we have created a new JGU Music Blog called ‘Music Moves!’ because music can move the soul to joy if you want it, if you think it, if you allow it.

The words in the quote at the beginning of this post are the lyrics from a song called Silent Prayer, by singer and songwriter Rivkah Leah Cylich.  I met Rivkah Leah at a Jewish Girls Winter Retreat Concert. At the time, I was deeply involved emotionally with my daughter’s journey that was taking her away. She was traveling abroad for a period of time and considering going to college far from home. These words comforted and soothed me as I prepared emotionally, mentally and physically for my daughter’s departure.

Of course, the whole song Silent Prayer spoke to me because of my message I teach of Giving to help create positive change in our world! When I met Rivkah Leah, we had spoken only briefly when she told me that the signature song on her CD was one that I needed to hear and she gave it to me as a gift.

I went right to the song that she mentioned and have been singing it in my heart ever since!

I listened to the other songs; the music is so beautiful and so joyous and so easy to follow that I became hooked on the entire CD. I have been on a journey of finding my own inner joy and finding spirit for many years and this gift of music propelled me forward in untold ways

I began to listen to all the lyrics of every song over and over in my car. I must have been at a point where I needed to her the message of peace and G-d’s love. These words moved me to a place of action that only my soul could have seen to work with Nechama to create JGU.

Nechama and I had been working together to find a permanent home for JGR (Jewish Girls Retreat, the outrageously spectacular summer camp for girls). Nechama mentioned to me an idea that she and her friend Leah Caras had that had been sitting dormant for many years; an idea to create year-round exposure of JGR love, joy, learning and community.

I had been studying online businesses and movements for a decade. Together with my experience and teachings about Positivity and Nechama’s commitment and amazing knowledge and gift as a teacher, we created Jewish Girls Unite, the global online movement for our Jewish girls, now and for all time. Rivkah Leah wrote our JGU theme song, ‘Shine Your Inner Light!’

Without a doubt, I credit Rivkah Leah Cylich’s CD Silent Prayer as a big part of my heart opening to fuel my Philanthropic Passion™ to help our Jewish daughters become Jewish mothers. The CD is in my car today–I still listen to it almost every day singing loudly with joy (Sorry for that reveal!). I couldn’t be more delighted to share this with you and introduce you to this beautiful songwriter, musician and performer. Use music to Shine Your Inner Light! Sing loudly in your own car or world and bring your own joy to your heart.

Nechama and I send our love to you and invite you to join us by sharing your inner light with our Jewish girls! Contact us personally via if you want to share your skills or wisdom with our girls! Wishing you a sweet, happy and healthy New Year!

P.S. Every JGU online class is connected to a song! Please join our song!! Girls ages 8-18 can sign up for our “Beyond Bat Mitzvah” Class this Wednesday at 8 pm ET. SIGN UP HERE

P.P.S. Stay tuned to hear more details about a New JGU ‘SHINING STARS’ program to sponsor and develop the singing talents of JGU members with professional coaches.