Hi, YALDAH readers!

I do love summer, like Nechama, though I’m not at all partial to the mosquitoes. But who is?

Anyways, I’m working hard while everyone else gets to chill out (just kidding!) and I’m editing the last few articles for the Fall 2009 issue. There’s still some stuff left for me to do, but I’m almost done. Love that feeling of freedom!

I’ve been thinking about what I’d submit as a Real Reader, if I were to submit. What is my favorite thing about YALDAH? What is your favorite thing about YALDAH? I’ll post mine next time- in the meantime, you post yours in the comments section, even if you’ve already submitted as a Real Reader. Can’t wait to see what you have to say!

Lucky YALDAH staff members are off to Jewish Girls’ Retreat… wish I could be there!

Let me just give you one semi-spoiler about the Fall issue: it’s going to be the best yet, G-d willing!

Laila tov,