Hey everyone!

Okay, so I was in bed and I was like, “Okay, Tonni. What’s the next thing you’re gonna talk about? Exercise? Check. Diet? Check.” And then it just hit me: Turmeric. It’s just one of those things, you know. You just can’t call yourself a health and beauty blog if you don’t mention it. For one, I am obsessed. Not as much as my mother, but still… My mother puts it in her morning oatmeal, on her homemade pizza… We even tried sneaking some in oatmeal cookies but between that and the bran… let’s just say we never did it again. So what’s with this whole turmeric thing? I’ll tell you.

I can go on for years about this amazing spice. It has more benefits than I could write in one post, but I’ll try and condense it all. So here we go:

First, it is the #1 cure (besides for chicken soup) because it cleans out your blood and gets rid of whatever it is that’s making you feel not your usual self. From depression to weight management to your common burn, its anti-inflammatory properties cures them all. It even prevents and cures cancer and other sicknesses… I think you got the idea.

Now that you know all about it, how can you take advantage of all its amazing benefits? To start, you can buy it in the spice section of most stores, but it’s a less-popular spice (that’s beyond me, it should be flying off those shelves, in my opinion) so you might not find it there. But you’ll definitely find it in any Indian fruit store (ever wondered why Indians have a lower rate of sickness? It’s no wonder anymore: turmeric is their #1 spice).

So you have the spice, how do you use it. Warning: Never consume alone. Not only wouldn’t you get all its benefits, you’ll never want to touch it again. Gross! Same if you drink it with water. It’ll just go through your bloodstream and won’t accomplish anything. You have to consume it with either oil or milk. It could be with your grilled cheese sandwich, in your salad dressing, in soup… It doesn’t have to be a cup of oil and turmeric and drink. Because between you and me, that’s quite gross too. As long as there’s a bit of milk or oil and turmeric, you’re good to go.

Speaking about spices, let’s talk cinnamon. Cinnamon + Turmeric = great health. Cinnamon can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, help you out when you’re feeling under the weather, prevent cancer and increase your brain health (now, that’s something I could use during pre-test jitters!) to name a few. Cinnamon is much easier to work with because it’s more popular than its turmeric counterpart. You can sprinkle it on your smoothie or oatmeal, pop it into your cookies (now that’s one spice that will work :) or just mix it into your daily oil/milk-turmeric-cinnamon drink. ;)

The bottom line? Raise your glass full of  turmeric and cinnamon and  let’s drink to your health.