The moon is an amazing creation of G-d. How we see it changes so much throughout the year. In the fall, it is in perigee (closest to the Earth) and therefore appears bigger (ofDSC01600ten called a supermoon). When it is in apogee (farthest from Earth), it appears smaller. Two things I find most interesting is that the moon appears to be a circle and the sun’s shadow creates the phases.  The first, the shape, reminds us of unity. All of its craters represent us and the circle can represent the Jewish people or even all people. The phases of the moon represent the life cycle. I also think it can show us how much we are influenced by and can influence the people around us. If we are around only darkness, we lose a bit of our own light. The more we are around light, the more we can spread light. The more we spread it, the more light for all of us.


I find the Apollo 8 astronauts, the first people to orbit the moon most interesting. They were so amazed by the beauty of the Earth, G-D’s creation, that they read the beginning of Bereishit, Genesis.


Note: Did you know the best times of day to photograph the moon are just before dawn and just before dusk?

Did you know that the full moon and new moon are the two hardest to photograph?DSC016511