This is dedicated to my mother and other hard working mothers around the world, in honor of Mother’s Day!



“Momma, you are wisdom of light”

You help brighten the night

You took away my fears

You always wiped away my tears



“Momma, Momma, you taught me what I need to do

Momma, Momma, don’t leave because I love you, oooh


“Oh Momma, you showed me the path I need to know

You are the heart that’s shining brightly through my soul

Hug me close, hold me tight, and don’t you cry

I’ll forever cherish you, dear Momma of mine”




“My child, you define me by my true essence

You give me the strength to leap through challenges

You give me hope, give me laughter, give me life

You give me the chance to blossom and shine




“Forever you will be my child

Even though you are sometimes wild

Like flowers dancing – like lilies

Laughing tons – as much as daisies”




“Momma, thank you for your true words

I will cherish this all my years

We’re the spark to illuminate and bring Geulah

We conquer and break away all bad

To bring Moshiach Tzidkeinu, at last”




“My dear child, you are as tough as steel

Watching the Shabbos candles glowing like thin silver sticks

As we continue bake the bread

Like Sarah Imeinu did in her tent”




“Momma, you are forever my soldier standing strong

I can see your from within

I’m following in your footsteps through the sand

I’ll carry your lantern up high

Then I will shoot it like a shooting star in the sky”




“Child of mine, don’t you cry

I’ll be with you forever through your open eyes

You must rise as Queen Esther did to save her people, swift through her prayers  

Prayer is powerful in the heavens of glory

It’s up to you complete your mission, your story”




“Momma, you spirit will live on

This is not the end of your song

Your song will cling to me and hold me tight

We will be dancing again with the upcoming song  

Instead of crying we will rejoice and happily sing along”




Momma, Momma, Momma, Momma (x2)