Her eyes opened, and she saw a silver ceiling above her.  “Am I in a hospital?” she thought to herself.  Then she heard a man – no, two men; they were arguing. 

“Never,” yelled the first man. “I would rather die than kill others”.

“Nobody is dying Samuel,” said the second man in a calm voice.

“They will if you are involved, Marcus,” said Samuel.

Samuel was obviously very tense, and Marcus was as well, but he was better at disguising it, she thought to herself.  What does Marcus want?  Why can’t Samuel give it to him?


Mrs. Greenbaum was sitting by a hospital bed, saying Tehillim (Psalms).  Suddenly, she heard a voice. “Mommy, how long have I been in the hospital for?”

“Rina!” Mrs.Greenbaum exclaimed, “you’re awake!  Baruch Hashem, we were so worried… you’ve been in the hospital for two days.”

“Two days,” echoed Rina.  “It’s Yom Tov tonight.” 

“Yes, Rina,” said Mrs. Greenbaum.  “You bumped your head–” 

“And got a concussion,” ended Rina.  “I know.” 

“How did you know?” asked Mrs. Greenbaum. 

“I guess I just figured it out,” replied Rina.  She lapsed into thought. 


How did I figure it out?  I just remembered that the last thing I did was leap up, so I must have fallen and gotten a concussion.  And if I got a concussion, I would be in the hospital, so the only question would be how long I was here for.  But that just brings up more questions! For example, since when have I been a logical person like that?  I never would have done that.  Where did it all come from?


—Chaya Gurevitz, West Virginia
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh