Eight years passed.  Rivka grew up in the Greenbaum home happy and well cared-for.  Her adoptive parents were very open about her past; they did not hide the fact that she was adopted, and did their best to answer any questions she had.  Rivka is now a twelve year-old girl who is, smart, responsible, and has many friends. 

“Please, Rivka, I’ll be so bored without you.”  Rivka’s friend Chaviva Epstein was on the phone, begging Rivka to join her on her family’s trip to the science center.   

“You know how much science bores me.  Why don’t you just stay home if you don’t like it so much?” asked Rivka.

“You know my parents,” Chaviva said.  “It’s a family chol hamoed trip.  We all have to go; besides, you’re not doing anything today.” 

“Fine,” said an exasperated Rivka, “you got me.”

“That’s great!” squealed Chaviva.  “We will be there in fifteen minutes – see you!”

Rivka put the phone down and headed down the stairs.  “Ma, I’m going to the science center with Chaviva,” she said as she entered the kitchen.  “Okay,” replied her mother. 

“Mammy, look what me and Mashi made,” said her little brother Avi as he entered the room, holding a plastic car with some Play-Doh on its sides. 

“What is it?” asked her mother.  “It’s a flying car,” said Mashi as she entered the room. 

Rivka smiled.  Her five year-old twin siblings were really cute, and they always came up with the most creative ideas.  She looked at her watch, and dashed upstairs to make her hair.  She heard a knock at the front door, and assumed it was Chaviva coming to get her; she was proven right when Chaviva opened her bedroom door.  “You ready?” she asked.

“Yup, let’s go!” replied Rivka. 

They chatted in the car during the drive, and continued while they waited in the line to sign in.  Finally they had each gotten their wristbands, and entered the science center.  Neither of them paid much attention to their surroundings, as they passed by the ocean exhibit, the forest exhibit, and many others. They had begun talking about their gym class, and Rivka decided to imitate the ridiculous steps the substitute had done.  She leapt into the air and spun around.  Suddenly, she slipped, and fell flat on the floor.  “Rivka, are you okay?” asked Chaviva nervously.  “Rivka, answer me – are you okay?”  But Rivka didn’t answer. 

To be continued……


—Chaya Gurevitz, Age 12
Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh
West Virginia, USA