Ruth, a dedicated and devoted woman of biblical times

Chose to stay with Naomi and accompany her, even though she was bitter without a facial shine

Heartbroken and devastated from the losses of her husband and sons

Not in the mood to join the fun

Feeling dreadful in the hot sun

Feeling as bitter as an herb

Feeling as broken and cracked as a crashed car among the bent curb

Even though she had bitterness she pushed through

With a big thanks to her daughter-in-law Ruth

Who refused to let her mother go away

So both walked together as they began to pray

Ruth was an example of true love and kindness towards her mother-in-law

As she begged in the fields were she met Boaz in awe

She always turned away from the evil

Became a true Tzaddekes, very righteous among many people

She was very learned, very kind and considerate around all the townspeople

Ruth, a daughter of the King of Moab, turned away

And she started to embrace our Jewish faith

Who later brought so many generations to carry on a blaze

She merited King David who united with God through his songs and praise

David’s ability existed in potential thanks to Ruth

He was a king who brought justice and truth  

Naomi overcame a great bitterness of tears

Through her love and appreciation towards Ruth that turned her fears into cheers

Those who never doubted halacha’s honesty still doubted  the halacha and wisdom of Boaz’s action

That this Moabite is permitted to join the assembly of the Jewish people despite their reaction

This connects with when Avraham who had drawn close to God

God commanded and Avraham gave a nod

David knew that his ability came through Ruth

The Son of David (Moshiach) shall come very soon within his time and youth