I know I’m about a week late here, but I just haven’t had the free second to post this yet! Somehow you have a million tests the week after Pesach, even though you’ve been out of school for a month and there’s been no time whatsoever to learn new material. But that’s alright :)

I’d like to wish a huge, hearty mazel tov to YALADH founder Leah Caras, her husband Rabbi Michael Caras, and their new adorable baby, Chaya Mushka Caras. I am so happy for all of them! I was going crazy when I heard and I feel honored to be able to share that craziness with the internet and all you wonderful folk. I wish Leah all the bracha and hatzlacha in the world. May Chaya Mushka grow up to follow in your amazing footsteps and accomplish great things. Remember, she’ll always have everyone at YALDAH cheering her on.

Now for a question… how about, what messages do you have for Leah’s baby?

Have a great week!