Well, here I am. Home from the wedding. Already…

As I’m the only staff member who ever posts anymore (besides Leah, that is), I guess I’ll have to try to do justice to giving you a quick summary of the Larson-Caras wedding until… well, until you read about it in the magazine!
I don’t even know where to start… well they say the beginning’s the best place usually so here I go! I came to the wedding with Aleeza Schoenberg and Talya Wasserman. That was fun – I met 2 people before I even got there! Talya and I have been friends ever since we were on the board together (’06-’07) and since I took over her job as EBC, so it was really neat to finally meet her!
We got there a little while before Leah came out for the Kaballas Panim, which is when everyone goes over to say Mazel Tov to her. Eventually Leah came out (though a couple of us got a quick glimpse of her earlier by accident) and let me tell you – she was beautiful! Everybody was, happens to be. I’ll tell you about the people you know – Rochel, Evelyn – everyone looked seriously gorgeous. I don’t think I have a good picture of Evelyn but I have of Rochel…

ooh I actually do have one of Evelyn. It’s not the best but it’s a picture of both of Leah’s parents, so you can see :)
This picture of them is actually under the Chuppah!

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself!
So after we got there, everyone went to say Mazel Tov to the Kallah (bride) and the family.
The wedding continued as usual, with tons of ruach (spirit) and happiness everywhere!
Soon was the Chuppah, which was positively gorgeous. The whole wedding was purple, and the Chuppah was not left out!
I really thought it was beautiful, in case you can’t tell :)

Really, I should just do pictures and let them tell you the story of the wedding because we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
So here (below, left) is a picture of the Kallah circling the Chosson (groom) seven times, which is part of the Chuppah ceremony. (You can read more about the different parts of the wedding here.) On the right is the Chosson and Kallah after that under the Chuppah.

Now after the Chuppah, the Chosson and Kallah went to the Yichud room and for family pictures, and the guests went to enjoy the wedding meal.
YALDAH and JGR had a really special meal outside, and it was a ton of fun! Here’s a few pictures of that special part of the wedding… (there’s a group picture, too, but it’s on the photographer’s camera!)

The YALDAH and JGR guests thank Chavie Resnick for coordinating the meal! It was delicious!
After that, was dancing! It was a blast, there were lots of people dancing, lots of shtick (fun stuff), and the Chosson and Kallah both ended up in the air many times! Here’s a couple pictures from part of the YALDAH shtick! (left: me, Leah, Talya Wasserman & Miriam Chava Kramer; right: Leah & Chaya Freeman) The middle picture is actually not shtick; that’s some of the YALDAHs left on the table with the place cards towards the end of the wedding – there were a lot more there earlier ;)
After dancing, there was dessert and bentching, and more dancing :) Here’s a few pictures…
These pictures are Leah with…
Chavie Resnick, Mrs. Nechama Laber, and me (Nechama Saltzman)

Leah with… Devorah Leah Schulman & her son, Rivka Laber, and Raizy Hines
I don’t like listing people cuz I’m gonna forget a bunch… but some of the YALDAH girls who were there include… board members Aleeza Schoenberg and Miriam Chava Kramer, former board members Shterny Fogelman and Raizy Hines (Sessel), former staff & staff members Chavie Resnick, Talya Wasserman, and me, and tons of JGR counselors & girls who I wouldn’t dare try to list because I’m really not good with names of so many people!! (If I forgot any of you YALDAH girls please let me know and I’ll add your name! You can email me or comment on this post!)
Well, that’s all ’til next time folks! Hope you enjoyed :) FYI I’m listening to Gam Ki Eilech on Shalsheles IV by… Yitzchak Rosenthal & Shalsheles!
P.S. Ohhhhhhhh you wanted to see a picture of the Chosson and Kallah? How could I forget?? (Just kidding, I didn’t forget, I purposely waited ’til the end for fun!)