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This Lag B’omer, Jewish Girls Unite set up a table at the “JEWNITY” Albany JCC community event . We decorated candlesticks, spoke about the mitzvah of Shabbos candles, and gave girls the opportunity to sign up for Jewish Girls Unite, the global community connecting Jewish girls.

As I waited for my challah to bake for Shabbos, I contemplated the connection between the celebrations of Lag B’omer and Shabbat.

Lag B’omer:
On the evening of Lag B’omer, we light bonfires and celebrate the immense light of Chassidut that was brought into the world by Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (who passed away on Lag b’Omer). {In room613 online classroom on Wednesday, we even had a virtual bonfire and sing along}. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is the author of the sacred Zohar, chief source of the Kabbalah containing inner secrets of the Torah.This holy light shines brightest on this day, giving us the power to light up the darkness.

Shabbat Candles:
At a gathering to women and girls in 1974, the Lubavitcher Rebbe addressed the world situation and explained that the added light of Shabbat candles is a necessity especially these days when the world is becoming “madder and darker,” and Jewish homes are being ensnared in the world’s new ideas. It is the Divine light of a Jewish girl’s Shabbat candle that gives us the power to combat these new threats and illuminate the darkness.

Lag B’omer:
On Lag B’Omer, we celebrate the teachings of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai who taught us that G-d, Torah and the People of Israel are truly ONE! The Baal Shem Tov explained that our mission is to develop a love of G-d, love of Torah, and love of Israel and if you love G-d than you love his children (and this includes loving yourself). The exile was caused by the opposite of love, so love and harmony will bring about the redemption from this exile.

Shabbat Candles:
The light of Shabbat candles bring peace and harmony into the home and has an influence on the entire week ahead. The feeling of peace that we have on Shabbat is a taste of the era of the Redemption. The Midrash writes that in the merit of the light of Shabbos candles, we will see the light of Zion!

Lag B’omer:
As we conclude Lag B’omer and usher in the light of Shabbat, the call of action can be: “Let’s unite to spread light and love!”On Lag B’omer, the powerful light of the teachings and life of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai gave us the power to be the candle to illuminate the most intense darkness.

Shabbat Candles:
However, one may worry and ponder, “What can my small candle possibly accomplish in such a dark and mad world?”

The Rebbe answered this concern in 1974: The Rebbe said, “No one knows what may be in a half-hour or in an hour and people walk around worried about what tomorrow may bring. They are forgetting that G-d does not slumber nor sleep and the solution is the light of a young girl’s candle, a special power bestowed upon her by Hashem to literally illuminate the world (spiritually, and as a result also) physically. The call of candle lighting must reach women and girls in even the most remote corners of the globe.

The Rebbe concluded: “Yehi ratzon – May it be His will that all the small flames should merge into a large torch, and from a torch into a large fire which will burn down the remainder of exile [and as the verse says] “And Hashem will be for you an everlasting light.”

Thank G-d, a team of incredible women and girls united to create a global movement for Jewish girls; a virtual platform with an on-line classroom, blog and discussion forum to connect, to teach and allow them to shine. At JGU, Jewish girls are uniting together to learn how to love themselves, love Hashem, love the Torah and love one another.

Please join the fun and become an ambassador of light to kindle the “JGU bonfire” by inviting every Jewish girl you know, in every corner of the globe, to sign up to become a member of

We know that your small flame will grow into a huge bonfire and turn our shining Jewish daughters into the shining mothers of tomorrow!

On a report of the candle lighting campaign the Rebbe responded: Many thanks on the good news. May the Mazal shine of all those that light and are part of this endeavor. We are sure that every one of you involved in helping our Jewish daughters will be blessed with a shining mazal!


With blessings & Shabbat Shalom!

Nechama Laber

P.S. Thank You to Ima Laber, Susan Axelrod, Clara Simon, Chana Laber for your help at the JGU Shine your Light Table.

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