That thing that all Kallah Meidels, married women, and nowadays  even some teenage girls wear has a riddle to it. If you did not guess what the riddle referred too, I don’t blame you as at first I never guessed it either. This riddle was asked to Shlomo HaMelach by the Queen of Sheba. His answer was an item, which in modern times is mascara.

I quote his answer:The reed container which carries the black antimony known as stibium, which stone when crushed is used by women in painting their eyelids, and by men as a remedy in eye ailments, and which they apply to themselves by wetting the iron pin with their spittle”

In view of these facts, then it is probably mascara.

Next weeks question: Teshuva: which sage had a complete turn around in his life?

Have a chasiva v’chasimah tova and a sweet new year! May you be inscribed in the book of life a happy, mazeldik, healthy and all things good sweet new year!