Haven’t posted in a while because of the holiday… I hope everyone had a great Shavuot, and Mother’s Day too!

So for Mother’s Day, we went on a special helicopter tour of hidden ocean caves! (I was thrilled, what an opportunity for some fantastic photos!)

Just kidding!! This week’s picture is actually a crack in a rock, that I did take at the beach. Not in a helicopter! How cool would that be though……

All I did was crop the picture and adjust the lighting a little bit, no fancy editing or anything. I’m kind of proud of myself for being simple with this photo, usually I do all kinds of crazy edits. Without the crop, it looks like a big slab of rock. It happened by accident actually; I was trying to crop it just a little bit but I must’ve slipped, and ended up with an even better piece!

There are a lot of “manipulative” things that can be done to a photo. For example, if I were to take a photo of a friend against a wall, and there was something bothering me on the wall, like a smudge or a crack, I’d easily remove it with a ‘blemish fix’ feature. Most software or websites should have that (PicMonkey does!)  Once, I wanted to make my friend’s cheeks a litter rosier, so I used the ‘teeth whiten’ feature on her face. I got a blush effect!

So the point of this week’s short and sweet blog is to get across that ‘mixing-and-matching’ effects or tools is okay, and can create some pretty cool things! And, if you think you’ve made a mistake, it might be that your “mistakes” turn out to be beautiful!