Choose a fabric, make a pattern and other odds and ends

Making a tablet case is pretty simple and a whole lot of fun. First, you need to choose a fabric. Most fabrics will work, but you don’t want to choose a fabric like lace or anything else that is sheer. Print fabrics work better. You also don’t want to choose a costume fabric as it ravels pretty badly and you want something that isn’t going to ravel or fall apart. You will need only about a quarter of a yard of fabric

You will need a quarter of a yard of elastic. Choose white if you are using a light fabric and black if you are using a dark fabric

Ribbon Choose a wide, strong ribbon (not sheer because sheer ribbons tend to be less durable.)

Fiberfill  – this is to stuff the tablet case so that you can balance your tablet on your lap comfortably.

Stiffener – You need a fabric stiffener like heat and bond or other similar products, so that the case doesn’t bend or fold easily.

Paper – This is to make the pattern

Pattern – On the paper draw a rectangle 1 inch bigger than the tablet on each side.

Cardboard – You will need two pieces of cardboard 3/8 of an inch bigger than your tablet on each side.

Lace trim – 1 1/2 yards