Hey everyone!
I feel horrible! Three days without a post is a bit much. I’m sorry! I had some… uh… technical difficulties. But I’m back!
Ask any little kid why we celebrate Chanuka and she’ll tell you that the oil burned for 8 days. And that’s all very well and good, but where did the oil burn? We seem to overlook the fact that the Greeks had quite recently defiled and destroyed the entire Bais Hamikdosh- including the menorah. Where was the oil burning? It was burning in a “makeshift” menorah, made of wood, that the Jews had thrown together in order to preform the mitzvah. Instead of waiting around in order to find something bigger- better, they preformed the mitzvah there and then. They took what they had available to them and used it to the best of their ability. Eventually they added tin to the menorah, then silver, and finally gold. Many times we wait around until we can do the action perfectly- but by waiting around you miss all the opportunities that come along the way. Chanuka attests to the fact that Hashem accepts makeshift and imperfect. Just do the best you can!
Have you ever started something small and imperfect that snowballed into something big?
Happy Chanuka!