Wow, it is freezing outside! Wouldn’t it be cool to make a sweatshirt yourself? Well, here is your chance!

Follow the instructions below to make your own sweatshirt for this winter. Have fun, and I hope it keeps you warm!



– About 2 yards of fleece or flannel

– Thread

– Pins

– Scissors



1. Find a shirt pattern or create your own. To do so, fold your favorite shirt in half and trace it’s outline on a piece of paper.

2. You repeat #1 for the back, making sure the neck is higher in the back. Be sure to add 1/2 an inch to each side where there is a seam for the seam allowance. You can do this by either including the sleeves when tracing or find a sleeve pattern and trace.

3. Pin and cut pattern from the fleece or flannel. Be sure to fold the fabric in half and pin it to the fold.

4. Pin the shoulder seams right sides together and sew.

5. Now, put a pin on the sleeves; sew one pin on each side.

6. Next pin again, and sew the side seams.

7. Last, sew the sleeve and bottom hems.

8. It’s ready to wear!


This is how my sweatershirt came out!