I hope everyone has been having a wonderful Passover! This is a quick craft that will help you to create elegant Passover accessories for your dolls from recycled materials. I thought you might enjoy making this craft to celebrate the end of Passover! I cannot tell you how excited I will be to reunite with my glorious Challah next Shabbat!

Let’s Begin!

photo p20


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Supplies you will need:

photo p1




-Tacky glue

– Acrylic paint/puffy paint

– 1 Pen

– Paint brushes

– Colored construction paper/scrapbook paper

– Colorful/metallic candy wrappers

– Mod podge (optional)

– 1 Medium-sized lid of a plastic container

– White felt or white paper

Step 1: To create the Seder plate, begin by cutting a circle of equal circumference to the recycled plastic lid from construction paper.

photo p2


Step 2: Draw small, evenly spaced lines around the edge of the construction paper circle.

photo p3


Step 3: Using a pair of scissors, create small cuts along the small lines drawn.

photo p4


Step 4: Spread Tacky Glue onto the plastic lid. Then, use your fingers and the edge of your scissors to help press the construction paper circle securely onto the plastic lid.

photo p7


photo p8


photo p5


Finally, your seder plate should look similar to this:

photo p9


Step 5: To make Charoset, mix red and brown acrylic/puffy paints together in one of the bottle caps. A layer of mod podge may be applied if desired.

photo p10


Step 6: In another bottle cap, mix red and a little bit of blue paint to make reddish-purple horseradish. A layer of mod podge may be applied if desired.

photo p11


Step 7: For parsley, cut parsley shapes from green construction. An optional coat of mod podge may be applied.

photo p12


Close-up of mod podge coating:


photo p14


Step 8: Cut an egg shape from white felt/white paper for an egg. I added some yellow paint to my egg to make it look more interesting.

photo p15


Step 7: For more bitter herbs and a shank bone, I simply sketched pictures and cut them out to place on the seder plate.

photo p18


photo p17


Step 8: For Haggadot, I found an image of a Haggadah on the internet, and used Microsoft Word to help adjust it to doll-size. Then, I printed three and cut to size, ensuring that they opened from the correct side (the right).

photo p16


We’re almost finished!

Now, arrange the “freshly prepared” seder plate foods on the seder plate in the bottle caps

photo p19


Place the colorful/metallic candy wrappers beneath the seder plate like a placemat, as shown below:

photo p20


Congratulations! You now have an exquisite Seder plate with matching Haggadot! Your doll will be thrilled and honored when you present her with her new celebratory accessories!


If you have any craft requests or suggestions for craft tutorials you’d like in the future, please leave them in the comments below. I look forward to reading all of your creative ideas!

Sarah the Craft Blogger :)