Hello people!

So last post we spoke all about makeup, and now we’re going to seriously make it up. No joke. This is serious. One wrong move and you’re out. Uh, no. Scratch that. Makeup just isn’t open heart surgery! So loosen up, put on a smile, and let’s get moving!

I love experimenting with makeup. You just have fun! That’s the beauty of it. You put on too much, too little, or the colors just don’t fit, and with one swipe (usually with the help of some makeup remover, but baby lotion works just as well), off it comes, and you can’t tell it was ever there. But, though experimenting is tons of fun, there  is nothing prettier than a clear, clean face.

Sheer and light colors make up the best face. Consequently, avoid crazy dark and heavy makeup  If you’re going for bold colors, buy their sheer version. It will go on way more easily. Now let’s go through the makeup you’d use on any random day:

You should buy concealer to match your skin tone perfectly. It’s great for covering pimples! Blend it well until it disappears into your face.

Avoid blush if you’ve got rosy cheeks (like me!). But, for those who could use the color, cream or powder blushes in light shades are totally the way to go!

Shimmery eye shadows can look gorgeous! Black, on the other hand, is on the black list. (No pun intended.)

Mascara is something you might want to experiment with, but  brown is a great choice!

Put lip-colors on your lips using lip gloss, lipsticks (lip. lip. lip. maybe we can invent a tongue twister!;)), stains or sheer formulas. Lip gloss is probably the best choice.

Whenever you play makeup, remember this all-important rule: Don’t let the make-up define you, use it to emphasize your true inner beauty.

Now run along and have fun!