Hey Everyone!

Have you ever wondered how you could make your Bat Mitzvah meaningful?

Here, I listed for you 12 ways that you could make your special day a very meaningful one.


1. Make a Hachlata

Take upon yourself to do a certain mitzvah (good deed) even better then you do now, or start doing a new mitzvah that you haven’t done before. 

2. Volunteer

Volunteering at a local old age home, hospital, or anything else your interested in, will help make your day meaningful and make others smile.

3. Collect

Collecting money or toys for a certain organization is a great way to make it meaningful!

4. Make a Booklet

Compiling a booklet of stories and facts about your d’var Torah topic is a great gift to give to all your guests and it is a great way to make your Bat Mitzvah meaningful. 

5. Learn

Another great way to make you Bat Mitzvah meaningful is by learning something new. 

6. Tzedakah (charity)

It’s really nice to give extra tzedakah on your birthday, especially on your Bat Mitzvah. You can also give out money to each of your classmates, friends and relatives, and ask them to give it in your honor.

7. Davening (praying)

It’s great to add a special chayus (fervor) in your davening on your Bat Mitzvah. It’s also a special time to ask Hashem (G-d) for anything you want or need, or something that someone else needs, like a refuah shlema. 

8. Ahavas Yisroel (love for another Jew)

Especially on the day of your Bat Mitzvah, you should try to make sure that nothing you do will hurt someone else. 

9. Visit a Kever (burial site)

Visiting a kever of a holy person is a great time to ask for whatever you need , and a great idea for a Bat Mitzvah girl!

10. Lots of Thinking!

Your Bat Mitzvah is a great time to think back to the mistakes you made in the past, and promise not to do them again in the future. 

11. Dress Tznius (modestly)

On your Bat Mitzvah, try to make sure you are wearing modest clothing- yes, modest clothing can be extremely elegant!

12. Have a Party!

Yes, I’m positive you’re going to do this one! On your Bat Mitzvah, having a party with friends is actually a great way to make your day meaningful!


Do you have any ideas?

Write your comments, ideas, and questions in the comment box below!


Mazal Tov!