As I established in last week’s post, I will do a different type of blog. Since everyone chose each choice once, except for Shoshana C.’s idea to blog about foods that come from Israel, and which are my favorites, I’ll start with what major changes I will face upon making aliyah (moving to Israel).

For one thing, yes, there will be the food. I happen to be a vegetarian (not because I feel bad for the animals, though I do, it’s because I don’t like eating meat, especially not fish) so I won’t be eating shawarma and suchlike. I also don’t like falafel or chumus (hummus) or techina (tahini).

Hmm, what’s left? Chocolate! Israeli chocolate is very good; especially the Elite brand (the one with the cow). I’m not a big fan of chocolate, but I do like white chocolate. I also like Prigat, a juice brand that they sell here, and probably also in Israel. I especially like the grape flavor, though we hardly ever have it.

Also, there will probably be ice cream on every block! It’s like a dream come true!

Another thing that will change will be that I won’t have my very best friends with me. But we probably wouldn’t end up going to the same high school anyways, even in Los Angeles. I’ll miss them so much and will have to deal without them.

And speaking of Los Angeles, the weather will be a bit different. Usually here it’s hot and sunny (I hate that kind of weather; the night before last and the day after it was cold and windy and I loved it outside!) but in Israel, you have all kinds of weather. It snows about every few years there, as evidenced by the recent snow storm.

I won’t be able to take my music lessons with my same teachers, either. My harp teacher has been teaching me for the last five and a half-ish years and she is a really good teacher, and I’ll either have to not have a teacher or teach myself. That wouldn’t be too hard, since I know how to play it and it would be easier than violin. Now violin is a different matter – I’ve only just started learning it this summer.

I still think that even with all of these changes, we’ll acclimate to Israel very well, imy”H!