Throughout our lives, there will be things that we cannot control. Situations that are out of our hands. Say a school project doesn’t go the way you were planning it to, or someone that you considered a close friend turns out to be not-so-close after all. These situations are normal. It’s hard to let go of something when it isn’t going our way, especially when that something is very important to you.

When dealing with these situations, it is key to remember to maintain a positive attitude. As if navigating through the situations themselves isn’t hard enough, we, as human beings, tend to let these situations affect our demeanors and outlooks. Maintaining a positive attitude not only makes dealing with a situation easier, but also more pleasant! Here are some ways to maintain a positive attitude when the going gets tough:

    1.) Have Faith.  Emunah is key! Always remember that Hashem is looking down and you and guiding you even when it may feel like he isn’t. Take a deep breath and feel His presence with you.

    2.) Take a step back.  Reevaluate the situation. Is it really worth the distress you’re giving it? Is there a resolution to the situation? If so, how can you come to that resolution?

    3.) Realize that you will get past the situation eventually.  It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and feel like everything is crashing down. Remember, that moment is (G-d willing!) only a very small portion of your life! Despite the pain or anger you might be feeling then, it will likely fade over time.

    4.) Always look for the good in any situation.  Say, for example, you’re not doing so well in a class. Instead of dwelling on how bad you feel you are at the subject, instead focus on finding where you may need to improve and learn from it, and begin to improve upon it!

    5.) Know that you are not alone.  Going through life is always easier with friends. Talk to them, relish in them, and know that they’re there to help you when you need it! Friends and faith in Hashem will comfort you.

    Hopefully, these methods might make maintaining a positive attitude easier in any situation you may find yourself in!