Actions-view-calendar-tasks-iconThey say ‘gam zu letovah’, but sometimes it can be hard to mean it. Now that I’m (Baruch Hashem, Bli Eyein harah) feeling more than a little bit better, here’s a list of things I gained from being ill.

  • Before I left school, I knew maybe a third of the people there. I still don’t know anyone, but now they know me!
  • I learned that as difficult as it may be, it does no permanent harm to a person to miss out on something they were looking forward too, such as the Purim party, my cousin’s graduation, or any number of things in between.
  • That it’s ok not to jam pack a summer with camp or work- I still have what to do, even if it’s at a slower pace.
  • Not having an appetite for almost two months really helps a person lose weight. :)
  • It wasn’t just me- we found out I actually need glasses.
  • We met a doctor who’s really helpful- not only with the current issues, but with everything else as well.
  • It was she who discovered that… I’ve outgrown my asthma! (More or less.)
  • I actually started getting more exercise.
  • I worked out how to make phone calls work (almost) as well as seeing my friends in person.
  • I had loads of time to work on my hobbies.
  • I overcame my fear of shots. (I hope. Maybe. We’ll see next time.)
  • I discovered what nice people my classmates are.
  • It really is possible to catch up months of material in four subjects in a few weeks.
  • My grade average didn’t suffer from missing school. I’ll know for next year!
  • I found out that all the teachers actually know my name.
  • Because I had to miss the school trip, I walked to the house of a person I hadn’t visited in years- and I think I probably gained more from that than from the whole shabbaton (weekend trip) I missed.

Here it is- the whole, slightly kooky, majorly optimistic list, made on very few hours of sleep, and a tight deadline.

Why don’t you try it one day? You’d be amazed how good some things can turn out to be- even if the majority is still bad. List every little good thing that happened on the otherwise miserable, rained on, food spoiled trip. You still have what to mope about, but you might feel a little better.

What do you think? Hopefully I’ll have something longer next week. Any suggestions?