This past week has been very busy, and I almost forgot I had to write this blog post! I was also waiting for this to happen: I finished my second book in Hebrew yesterday, on Shabbos, when I read 103 pages on the same day! My Hebrew teacher said I could write a book report if I wanted to, and I think I will. The next book will be one I’ve never read in English before.

(And by the way, in my last post, I said I’d won second place, but neglected to mention that it was in my age division. [Another note 3/31: Actually, I still don’t know. So scratch that…or not. And also, I wrote this post on the 23, so the recital already happened.] I actually didn’t know that at the time, though. The concert’s on Tuesday! Wish me luck!)

I’m sorry my posts keep turning into ones about music, though that’s pretty much my life! Maybe I should write a blog about that instead; what do you think? If I get five votes, I may just do it.

In my Ivrit (Hebrew) class, we have been doing some things about Israeli culture, like learning songs and such, and has been very fun! I got a 91% on my last test!

HWOTW: בְּהַדרָגָה (b’hadraga), or gradually (I didn’t know that one; I just looked it up) and, just for giggles (as my math teacher always says), לְהַבִּיט (l’habit), or to look. It’s used surprisingly more often than you hear it in Ivrit class!

P.S.: How many of you noticed the link to this post before I mentioned it?