Hi everyone!

How are you today? I haven’t posted anything in such a looong time. So, today I thought I’d tell you guys all about my favorite thing… submissions!

What makes YALDAH different from every other magazine out there? YOU! We are a magazine for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls, and you can’t really have that without the Jewish girls. Submissions are what fill the magazine and keep it fresh, interesting, and current.

So, what can you do to submit?

There are so many different ways! When you get your next YALDAH issue and you flip it open, right after the letters from Leah, Lena, and myself, you’ll find a page filled with letters from, that’s right, YOU! YALDAH Mailbox has always been one of my favorite features. I love seeing how many girls are impacted by YALDAH, and in what ways. How have you been impacted by YALDAH? What’s your favorite part? Just pen us a letter and share your thoughts with all our other YALDAH fans.

Discussion topic is a great way to share your opinion and thoughts about tons of different topics. In every issue we have a different topic that you can give your opinion about. At the bottom of each Discussion Topic page is the topic for two issues from the one in your hand, so you can get a jump start on submitting to that. For example, the topic for Fall issue is “If there was one thing you change about your school, what would it be?” Email submit@yaldahmagazine.com with your answer, name, age, and state/country!

Next on our submissions tour is…. poetry! I know you’re going to say that I love everything, but I really do love the “Poet’s Corner.” It’s such a great creative outlet. The poems we feature in YALDAH can be funny, silly, sad, deep, hopeful- anything really. Whether your a natural poet or you’ve been forced to do an English assignment, submit your stuff to submit@yaldahmagazine.com. Include a picture of yourself and your name, age, and state/country.


Do you have any questions about Judaism? Those are perfect for our “Ask the Rabbi” section. Send those questions right on in and keep your eyes peeled for an answer from Rabbi Michael Caras! Judaism is all about asking questions, so what’s yours?

You’re never too young to be thinking about your health- that’s why we have our “Ask the Doctor” feauture. If you have any health related questions you want answered be sure to send it on in.

Some questions don’t need lots of opinions- just one, solid, reliable one. For the questions that need an adult’s help, we have the Q&A section. Send your questions to submit@yaldahmagazine.com and we’ll send them Mrs. Yehudis Karbal, an educator and psychotherapist who’s ready to help you! All questions are anonymous so don’t be embarrassed to ask.

There are role models all around us- do you know any? Well, tell us about her! Don’t keep what/who inspires you all to yourself- help inspire others with your “Real Role Model.”

Of course, we’re always looking for fictions stories, hashgacha pratis stories, illustrations, crafts, recipes, articles, interviews, puzzles, and photographs. All of those can be sent to submit@yaldahmagazine.com with a name, age, and state/country.

We ALWAYS want to see your stuff so remember to keep on sending it in. All it takes is a few minutes, and you’ll have the chance to be published in an international magazine! Remember that all submissions must be your own original work and relevant to Jewish girls, and everything you send us becomes property of YALDAH for future publication. If you have any questions about submissions, just comment below or email them in and I’ll do my best to answer.

Now, for a question… what are your favorite submissions to read? Comment below and let me know! I’m going to do my best to start blogging frequently again. What kind of stuff would you guys like to read?