Hi everyone!

I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve posted! Well, could be because a lot has happened since my last post…
We’re still finishing up the summer issue, getting the last things into Layout. Then we’re also working on the fall issue! Crazy, right? We’ve already gotten in articles and pictures for it, and it’s still spring! Well, that’s how it goes, I guess ;)
Besides all that, I guess I’m just busy… the school year is drawing to a close! Ridiculous… I feel like just yesterday I was stepping into my eleventh grade classroom for the first time! It’s pretty overwhelming, finishing up the year and planning what to do this summer… what are your summer plans?
One very exciting thing happening is that Leah’s coming home from Israel! Of course, we’ll still be working long-distance, but the East Coast and Israel are two very different stories when you’re trying to keep in touch and work on a magazine together :)
I think I’ve about used up my time here (just kidding; I just have to go do homework) so I’ll bid you all good night…
Nechama :)
P.S. currently listening to “Torasi” on the album “Lo Lefached” by Yosef Chaim Shwekey, Yaakov Shwekey’s brother. It’s an amazing album and I love this song, it happens to be, so that’s cool ;) Oh, it just changed. Now I’m listening to “Galei” on Lipa Schmeltzer’s “Next Project X.” Now before the music changes again I’d better go!!
If you have any ideas & contact info for Music Notes… let me know; I love to hear your input!