Hi, everyone!

Wow I haven’t posted in ages… or so it seems. Then again, you probably didn’t miss me because you were having so much fun reading Emily’s cook-and-blogs… (Don’t worry – I’m also having fun reading them, so I figured I didn’t need to post…)

Let’s see… do we have a behind-the-scenes update for you today? Hmm… Thursday was the first official staff conference (which I missed because I was at my school’s awesome retreat!) which was very good and productive (as I read afterwards). Tomorrow is our spring issue #23 planning meeting (crazy, right? The winter issue’s not even finished being laid out yet…).

If you have any article ideas, please email me (nechama@yaldahmagazine.com) before Sunday November 8th at 2:15 NY time… so they can be considered.

Speaking of which, the winter issue is going along… we’re trying to finish gathering everything (I guess I should go finish my article!) so we can get this off to the printer on time, which probably won’t happen. But that’s ok, it usually doesn’t! I didn’t say that… but you always get it, right? So that works.

I’m listening to Od Yishama on the album Kochvei Hashamayim by All Star. And there’s a reason why. I’m listening to my “wedding” playlist, which I made this week when my cousin got engaged!! Mazel Tov :) Her name is Tamar Klein and his is Josh Hirsch. They’re from Baltimore.

Hmm. Oh, I have a question for you. Do you read this blog? Please comment on this post if you do (which I’d assume you do if you see this) and you can tell me how often you read it, too. You can tell me what kinds of things you like us to write about… we really want to know! Thanks!

So what was I saying? Oh right, winter issue. Yeah – it’s going to be really great! More new features (really cool ones, if I may say so myself).

Ok, so right now I have this much to do [holds hands as far apart as they’ll go] so I really have to go and do it all. It’s mostly homework, but lots is YALDAH too so you really want me to go do it, right?
Ok, ok…
Gut Voch
(have a good week)
-Nechama :)
P.S. something really cool: I won 3rd place – a $500 savings bond from an Agudath Israel of America essay contest. The topic was: “why you support school choice”.