Surrounded by G-d’s presence
Sarah sits waiting;
Finally it’s time to ignite the flames
The first link she’s creating.
Rivka, Rochel, Leah, our mothers
Continue the chain
Covering their eyes
They silently pray.
They pray for their children
They pray that they’ll do right
They pray that they’ll continue
The links with their light.

During the Spanish Inquisition
Jewish women hid,
They secretly went to the basement
Where the candles they lit.
They passed on to their children,
Saying to them,
“Remember Shabbos,
A day for closeness with Hashem.”
During the Holocaust
Women risked their lives,
By kindling flames for Shabbos
Every Friday night.

Up in heaven
There is a chain.
Made by Jewish women
And their Shabbos flames.
Every woman and girl that lights adds a link
That brightens the night.
Soon the day will come
When the world will see
The chain was created
By you and me.
For when Moshiach comes,
Every day will be
Like Shabbos
With peace and serenity.

—Mushka Heidingsfeld, 14
Bais Rebbe School
California, USA