By Vicky O’Brien in memory of her son Meir a”h, who was taken too young at 20 years old.


Please do not extinguish the light.

That is my sincere prayer.

We will fight  for the light.

There is change in the air.


We will continue to see light

Choosing not to despair.

We will fight for the light

To fix and choose to repair

To choose to do what is right

To build and not to tear

Don’t give up to the night

Do not give in to fear

Fight to ignite the light

Even when pain is there


God please listen to our prayers

Bring us to a good year

Don’t extinguish the light


We will not walk gently into night

We will give our best fight

So listen to our prayer

   Inscribe us for a good year

We ask for a fresh start

We plead from the heart

Turn our pain to art

Heal the broken heart


Please do not extinguish the light

That is our sincere prayer