Today, the garden looks the same as last week. (We got a lot of rain, so the plants are even wetter… oh well.) So today, I will introduce you to the plants that live inside!

This is my succulent pot. Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves, so they only need to be watered about once a week. On the left is a Sansieveria, also known as Snake-plant. It is variegated, which means is has multicolored patterns on its leaves. To the right is an Aeonium arboreum. I’m not sure of the common name for that one. And in the back, so you can’t see it, is a small Crassula perforata, String of Buttons.

I also have this one:

It is an Argyranthemum frutescens “Butterfly”. It has a lot of yellow daisy-ish flowers and does not like being dry. If I forget to water it, it wilts. In fact, it did that this morning, so I watered it and waited for it to perk up so I could get a picture.

And the last one:

It is a Breynia disticha, or Snow-bush. It’s called that because younger leaves are white and pink, giving the impression it has snowed on it. So you can see the older green leaves, and the younger pink and white leaves.

That’s all of my inside plants, but not the end of the post, because I have a correction from last week. The picture of all the garden plants was mislabeled. What I labeled as watermelons were actually radishes. Here are pictures of the watermelons:

The first one is the bed, the second one is a close-up. Sorry for the mistake!

Anyway, the garden will probably be different by next week, so I’ll write about that. Otherwise, I’ll find something. See you next time!