G.R.O.W poem based on Tehillim, chapter 121- פרק קכ”א


Let’s G.R.O.W!

Hashem is accompanying us.

In Him we fully trust

We are grateful, never alone

He know that Hashem will lead us home


Wherever that may be, 

Hashem will set us free


To the mountains I shall raise my eyes, (121:1)

And Hashem’s help I recognize

In the dark of night or the light of day
We are one, Hashem is leading the way


“Hashem is our shadow,” (121:5)

Even if we may be feeling low


“Hashem will guard your soul” (121:7)
Helping us to reach our goal 


We wish with Hashem to connect

As we Daven and reflect

“[He is] by your right hand” (121:5)
Even when we don’t quite understand


Which way to turn or where to go
Every situation is for us to G.R.O.W.!