The small, radiant, full circle in the velvety sky, a metaphor of the crescendo of our lives, our full potential and dreams that will be reached, gives me hope, gives me hope. Yet the stillness and darkness overpowers me, reminds me....

“LEORA!!!! You’re already in year seven and you still don’t know how to write all your ABC’s? If your silly mind doesn’t know how to do prep work, then how can it expect to pass year seven?”

Her thick annoyance, not compassion, could be heard loud in the classroom, as my teacher, Miss Gud, brought the tower of hope and perseverance I had built tumbling down. The words I heard and feelings it evoked were too hard for me to contain, so I let them out furiously in a drawing. Perhaps I’ll sketch a portrait of my loving mother, father or sister. At least I’m good at that.

My pen attacks the page furiously, as I sigh. Will I ever be able to write or read like my sister and parents? My expression changes as I glance at the beautiful portraits I drew. I smile at the intricate drawings of my relatives. My seatmate also smiles at my drawing, admiring it. Ahhh, to get lost in the world of art while everyone else in the class is.....

“LEORA!!! Are you so lazy that you can’t even write one word of the multi-page essay I assigned the class to write???”

Suddenly, like sunshine to those thunderous words, I hear my mother’s soft voice.

“Remember dear, life is compared to the moon. We have our ups and downs, but, like the moon will reach its full, you will reach your high, I assure you.

These words gave me courage. I will not give up on reading and writing. I can do it and will. I will persist, and will be there for others who are in my shoes. I can reach my full potential, and one day will be a widespread author and the biggest bookworm in my school. I will emerge from this struggle victorious. I’ll persevere...

I smile that radiant smile, one of victory, one of a radiant nightlight, my eyes shine for I have emerged from my darkness and have won over my struggle, and turned it into brilliant light.